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2.44 - Machinerie scénique, Guimaëc, France
2.44 - Machinerie scénique, Guimaëc, France flèche
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Stage metalwork:
All manufacturing and assembly of the metalwork is done in our workshops.
More than 25 years of know-how in boiler making and metalwork.
All types of manufacturing: grid, footbridge, decor, mobile conch, American beam, circus lifting hook...

Stage machinery:
We have been designing, manufacturing and installing our own motorised equipment.
Our in-house engineering office enables us to design customised projects for our customers..

Stage equipment:
For 25 years we have been installing all types of stage equipment from different suppliers:
Screen, stage drapes, patience, stop fall, hoist...

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Putting into use
Upgrades to standards
On-load controls
Periodic checks

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